Monday, September 26, 2011

Midwest Powershift!

Last spring, we brought together 10,000 young people in Washington DC to stand up for clean energy, stop dirty energy projects, and get corporate money out of our democracy. Powershift 2011 was pretty awesome, but this fall we're going deeper, and focusing on the issues that we're facing locally and regionally in order to really build our movement and launch the campaigns that our generation has the power to win. I'm hoping you'll join me October 21st- 23rd in Cleveland, Ohio for Midwest Powershift: the epic and unprecedented youth climate movement convergence that is bringing together over ten states, and promises to be an epic turning point in the fight for climate justice where it matters most- in a region that has been overshadowed by dirty energy projects, corporate politics, and 'dying' cities for too long. At Midwest Powershift, we'll be focusing on four critical issues: coal, fracking, political engagement and building the green economy, as well as offering tons of awesome trainings and sessions to empower the next generation (us!) of community organizers.

That being said, registration is now open! Go to and register for only $20 before October 2nd! If you're as excited as I am and seriously can't wait to bring all of your friends to Midwest Powershift, you should totally sign up to be a campus coordinator at too!. And if you need a good, convincing, reason to come to Cleveland, check out this funny little video, and stay tuned for lots of blogs covering updates and all the coolest action here.

Midwest Power Shift is going to be awesome, can't wait to see ya there!

Coal Free Mizzou

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